I have really been lucky in recent years when it comes to participating in absolute dream events and shows~  Hello Kitty, My Little Pony, and now another very important piece from my childhood was having her own event… Sailor Moon!  This year they are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the series and releasing all sorts of new merch along with a new series, so everyone really seems to be in the spirit!  When the curator for Qpop Shop invited me to paint a tribute to this series for their show in April I could not say “yes” fast enough!

 ” Moonlight Legend~make up! ”
Size: 19.5″ x 15.5″
Medium:  Mixed media in customized vintage frame
Price: $1900  SOLD! Thank you!

For lots of girls that grew up in the 90’s Sailor Moon was very special, it was like nothing we had ever watched when it came on TV! In the early 90’s I was captivated by how beautiful the characters were, so inspiring! The manga artwork was even more beautiful, I printed out anything I could  find.

One of my first girl drawings I sat down to draw because I had the urge was in 1995 of Sailor Moon, I wish I could find it! haha instead, here are some scary envelopes I drew for sending in letters to “Animerica” magazine (I never did) using my first set of prisma colored pencils my parents got me for Christmas with jelly pens around age 13.

When I got the internet in 1996 “Sailor Moon” was one of the first things I typed in a search bar to teach me more, and I was hooked! I used to order (with money order since paypal was not around yet) fansubbed VHS tapes of the show, and then when I ran out of tapes because they had not released new subtitles on VHS yet I downloaded the episodes one by one unsubbed and that took like a day for each episode on our family computer lol.  My first ebay purchase was even of a sailor moon pencil tin in the photo, which I thought was the most amazing thing ever! that creepy mirror was my 2nd purchase haha I even had 3 1/2 floppy disks filled with every Midi song I could find….hopefully some of you are old enough to know what that is!

For my Sailor Moon tribute piece I was stuck on what exactly to draw for over a week, I wanted to think of something unique since so much art exists for this show already. I have always loved adding hair accessories to my artwork~ but ever since I came across Jie Li‘s pieces (and those inspired by her) in Korea I have had them stuck in my brain!  Her playful headbands of toys were the muse behind my concept!

I wanted to work in all of Usagi / Sailor Moon / Serena’s transformation brooches, wands, crystals, grail, you name it~ working all sorts of important things to her into her accessories!

The line work ended up being extremely tedious from all the details! I already had a vintage frame I wanted to use this for, so I tried to arrange her accessories to work with the cropping~ it got a little tricky with some wands in the very end, but I was really proud of the result!

I made sure I did this entire piece in line art BEFORE starting, because the response was SO overwhelming online that I wanted to have clean line art to produce a silkscreen of this piece!

♥ ♥ ♥

More information about the print release will be on my facebook fanpage soon <3

For coloring I used mixed media, a bit of everything honestly but predominantly acrylic as usual. So many bitty details, it was so much fun to work on this though~ this may be my most detailed original painting ever actually…

In the end I finished her off with a satin glaze and some hand placed sparkles to give some areas a little extra touch!  My only regret is I forgot to add my signature flower cheeks to this piece~ but it may have been a little distracting considering all the other elements.

I painted the vintage frame a nice semi-gloss white to make the colors pop even more!

Now that I have moved to LA from Seoul I am so excited to finally attend some of the shows in person! I was cooped up for almost 2 weeks or more painting so I was ready for a little social gallery night~  the RSVP on facebook was a huge number so I was not sure what to expect!

wow it was INSANELY crowded though!  The line was several hundred people long and went all the way down the street! It stayed like this till almost 11pm! I have never been in a gallery show with this kind of turnout, it was amazing to see so much love for the show ^^ hopefully the art too!

Are you ready boys?

My beautiful friends Di and Bebe showing sailor moon spirit!! I stole Bebe’s wand haha

I love that my piece was on the pink wall by the butterflies, worked nicely!

Painting pictures by moonlight~

Beautiful “Miss Kika” necklace was a gift by Cicely Margo a few years ago! She is the queen of cute jewelry

Sailor moon prints from the amazing crowded teeth! We dropped off our art together a few days prior and got udon after haha its nice to be local

Usagi-chan in her usual position~ toppled over and showing some panty….lol

Qpop shop had lots of Sailor Moon related goodies including some special new releases from Japan.

preview time was almost over, get ready to let in the crowds!

Sailor Neptune keeping it real.

Thanks again to Qpop Shop in Little Tokyo for hosting such an amazing event! It was a total privilege to be in the show and I am so overwhelmed by how much love my painting has received online from my watchers and sailor moon fans alike~  thank you!  Stay tuned for future updates on special related goodies I may release with this art for a limited time to celebrate the new show launching.

In the front you can see a pic of Stephiee and I from when Qpop Shop first opened 3 years ago haha


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Win a pack of 1″ miss kika buttons plus one of my Japanese sailor moon sticker cards by leaving a comment! Use the rafflecopter above  to enter and get other bonus points

This March I had the pleasure of being invited to participate in an adorable candy themed show curated for Slushbox Gallery in South Florida!  Florida is where I was raised and the state I first got started doing shows after graduating Ringling, so it felt nostalgic to send something in because it has been a while!

The show features a lot of other sweet artists I really enjoy like my lovely friends Mary Winkler/Acrylicana, Brigitte Coovert/ Zombuki, Twinkie Chan, Helena Garcia, Danny Brito~ and many more!  A really fun and colorful mix of people, so I was looking forward to seeing the photos from opening night~  the results did not disappoint!

“Sweet Conversations”
9″ x 7.5″
Acrylic/Mix Medium in a Custom wood frame.
Price: $400 ~  Available for purchase HERE

For this show I decided to paint an original piece again, lately I have been switching between doing digital work and paintings for shows~  I really enjoy working with traditional mediums and find it a bit more relaxing overall vs sitting at my desk!  Since this was a candy themed show I decided to use Valentines Day conversation hearts as my inspiration and add them as a fun element to the piece.  As usual, I paired the piece with a custom painted wood frame I thrifted to finish her off and make her ready to sweeten up someones wall!

(Thank you to Slushbox for providing images of opening night on Flickr!)

Twinkie-chan’s adorable (but sadly not edible!) goodies fill a whole table.

The inside of Slushbox/Ink and Pistons  looks really awesome!  Lots of cute merch aside from the gallery~

Cotton candy treats made fresh for gallery visitors, what an amazing idea!  I also spot the adorable “Kittens and Ice Cream” dress by my wonderful friends at Japan LA Clothing!  haha that is the perfect thing to wear to this event for sure


The Sugar High Show at Slushbox Gallery runs until April 19th!

If you are in South Florida and love colorful wonderlands of sweets you absolutely need to stop by and check this show out in person ♥

2716 S Dixie Hwy #101
West Palm Beach, Fl. 33405

♥ ♥ ♥~LINKS~♥ ♥ ♥

Ink and Pistons Tattoo Website

Ink and Pistons Facebook

Slushbox Gallery Flickr for more event photos

Link to purchase my painting

Crowded Teeth & Friends presents A Magical Land
“where a world of day and night collide”
5024 Eagle Rock Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90041
SHOWS RUN: Sept. 21 – Oct. 27, 2013
OPENING EVENT: Sat, Sept. 21, 2013 (6-10pm)
Auntie Apple cookies
DJ Wahine
Last month I had the pleasure if being in a show that the lovely Crowded Teeth curated over at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland~  this adorable gallery/boutique over in Eagle Rock which now that I have relocated to Glendale is just down the street from me! Nice! They sell all sorts of hand-made goodies, art, and vintage treasures~ if you live around LA it is absolutely worth a visit sometime!
“Triple berry milky way”
Acrylic | Watercolor | Sparkles | Custom Frame
$450  SOLD! Thank you!
Detail shot~  This was my first completely non-digital gallery piece in a long time!  Very relaxing!
If you follow me on instagram as”MissKika” you can see a lot of my process work on this and other pieces I am currently working on~ Plus food, outfits, and random photos of my cats haha.
 leanna2 leanna3
Some of Crowded Teeth’s beautiful work!
Adorable pig play-set by TADO!
Some of the adorable things in the shop! It was hard to visit and not buy 100 things *_*


Saturday, August 3rd – August 21st, 2013
Reception: Saturday August 3rd, 7pm-10pm
Food truck by Let’s Be Frank & music by Doll Skills.

@ Toy Art Gallery
7571 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Celebrate the fun of art Paul Frank-style this August as the Julius Toy Art Show kicks off in Los Angeles! August 3rd marks the launch of this special exhibition curated with Sweet Streets with a fantastic opening night celebration at Toy Art Gallery. Over 50 notable artists from around the world have created their own one-of-a-kind handpainted Julius designer vinyl figures provided by Yes Anime. The customized Julius toys will be available for sale by Toy Art Gallery during the run of the exhibition, ending August 21st, 2013.

features custom toys and new artwork by:

Abe Lincoln Jr, Aeron Alfrey, Andrea Kang, Anthony Ausgang, Bei Badgirl, Bob Conge, Boris Hoppek, Brent Nolasco, Carson Catlin, Chikuwaemil, Choco Moo, Ciou, Cope2, Cris Rose, Dave Bondi, Diavu, DrilOne, Dustin Martin, Emilio Garcia, FFinc., Frank Kozik, GERMS, Hints & Spices, Hiroshi Yoshii, Ian Ziobrowski, Imaitoonz, Indie 184, Jan Calleja, Jason Freeny, Jay222, Jermaine Rogers, Jim Koch, Joe Grillo, Jon Knox, Julie West, Karen Chau, Kenth Toy Works, KMNDZ, Leecifer, MAD BARBARIANS, Madoka Kinoshita, Mari Inukai, MARKiii, Martin Ontiveros, Mayumi Inoha, Miss Kika, Mizna Wada, Nakanari, Naoto Hattori, Nathan Hamill, Nebulon5, Oliver Hibert, Onch Movement, Reactor88, Rotobox, Sam Gibbons, Scott Tolleson, Skull Toys, Tan-Ki, Task One, Tim Clarke, topheroy, Uamou

 visit the Julius Toy Art Show at:


I am participating even though my name is absent in a few of the promotions for this event since I was in the middle of moving and could not give a firm confirmation till after fliers were printed ^^;  another nostalgic character from my past, I remember Julius the monkey from high school~  back then it was really hard for us to find him on products, but now Paul Frank is all over the place!

Prince Bubble Gummy – $250  SOLD!!

In a previous post here I shared the new revamped “My Little Pony Project” logo I worked on for the event this year in Los Angeles~ well I also had the amazing opportunity to be in the show as well and paint my very own GIANT my little pony! It was one of my dreams as a college student way back when to be in this show when they had the first one in New York, so being able to now down the line as an artist myself actually do one was awesome.

And so, our magical friendship begins!

First thing I did before I started was visit the supply markets in Seoul for things to inspire me.

For this custom I wanted to try dying the pony hair very soft colors, but I could not find the colors I wanted in stock.  I read online that some people had used paint and soaked the hair for long periods and in some cases the color would dye the synthetic toy hair. Miss Pony had her butt soaking in a test strip of pink while I tested out what color of purple I wanted to paint her.

Time for a pretty periwinkle pony

For the hair soak, after a few tests that washed out when I rinsed I finally found a way that would work.  I had to use poster paints and slather the hair with them~ followed by keeping it moist overnight by soaking.  I did this for each strand or two every night.

followed by restyling the hair using the finest tools 😛

result came out exactly as I wanted!

Now that the hair and base coat were finished it was time to start painting!

My concept was that she would be galloping on fluffy candy clouds.

Time for pony makeup

in-between painting I worked on making some special jewelery pieces for her~ most of my art has hair pieces and layered necklaces so those were a must.

While this was going on I also had the option to do artwork for hanging or prints, but sadly the pony took quite a bit of time so by the end I just did not have the time do dedicate to a painting as well.  Here was my (very sloppy!) concept though, it was going to be LOTS of 1980’s ponies shown toy sized with Megan hanging out by the rainbow waterfall.

♥ ♥ ♥

I loved that show so much, pity I ran out of time!  For those of you unfamiliar with my process, normally my sketches look like this when I take them into Illustrator. I often vector based on extremely loose concepts~ just placement and color balance mainly.

Ok back to Details~  Details ~ Details ~

plenty of sparkles~

finally after around 3-4 weeks she was finished and ready to be photographed and shipped back to LA!!